Top 10 Physician Tips for Candidates

  1. Explain what you expect from the recruiter and find out what is expected of you in return.
  2. Reach commitments with the recruiter that are agreeable to you and your spouse/companion and stick to them.
  3. Be honest, open, and flexible.
  4. Your CV should be legible and perfect in every respect. (Ask for advice). The font size should be should be at least an 11 for faxing purposes.
  5. Have references available.
  6. Be practical about salary requirements.
  7. Keep the recruiter informed about any changes in status, such as shift in geographical preference or offers of other employment.
  8. Mass mailing your CV to numerous recruiters can sometimes result in multiple CV submissions to a single employer. This frequently leads to confusion over which recruiter submitted your name. Employers usually choose to walk away from the candidate in question.
  9. Be ready to candidly discuss any gaps in employment history or blemishes on your career or academic record.
  10. Keep in Touch!
We realize that your schedule can be brutally demanding, so our recruiter will attempt to contact you only when it is crucial to your job search. Please stay in touch, as your ability to land a job depends on your willingness to remain promptly communicative.